Computer Diagnostics

The computer is the brain of your car. There are many sensors within your vehicle which relay information back to the on board computer. When something is not functioning correctly the computer will store this information.

To fully understand what action steps need to be conducted, we will complete a computer diagnostic test to ensure your car will be operating at its optimum state.

Autologic is a diagnostic tool that is at dealer level

George’s Auto Prestige is the only mechanical workshop in the Illawarra that exclusively has the use of Autologic diagnostic tool. No other independent mechanical workshop in the Illawarra can keep your European vehicle computer data up to date with the latest software.

Benefits of Autologic diagnosis:

  • Acknowledged by industry professionals as a leader in vehicle diagnostics
  • Fast and reliable trouble shooting of vehicle faults and malfunction
  • High performance software applications that aid in the repairs of faults
  • Intelligent diagnostic system specially designed for work with European vehicles

How to book your Computer Diagnostic Analysis

Simply call the office on (02) 4228 7999 to arrange your appointment.