Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz – Motor Mechanic, Repairs, Car Service and Maintenance

At George's Auto Prestige we comprehend the demands of Mercedes Benz owners who drive high performance and luxury vehicles. We are able to offer our clients with services of the highest quality, by a specialist team who understand that Mercedes Benz owners drive for quality, excellence and performance.

Mercedes Benz Maintenance and Service
The decision you make on where to service your prestige vehicle will not only affect its performance, but it long term value. It is essential to service your vehicle frequently. At George's Auto Prestige we provide same day maintenance and services by our team of educated professionals, so you can be rest assured that your car is operating at its optimal efficiency and taking advantage of the technology in your Mercedes Benz. George has over 18 years experience with Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Mechanic and Technical Repairs
When you experience a breakdown, you need to know that your vehicle is being fixed by a team who understand your Mercedes Benz. We offer you a knowledgeable group of technicians in Mercedes Benz repairs, so you are guaranteed that your vehicle is being dealt with by specialists with years of experience in Mercedes Benz models, utilising the state-of-the-art Autologic Diagnostic equipment.

Mercedes Benz Logbook Services
We offer Mercedes Benz logbook services by a group with skilled knowledge and experience in Mercedes Benz warranty guidelines. We are proud to provide our services from the start to ensure the continued optimum performance of your vehicle. Your new car warranty is not affected.

Complimentary Services
We provide drop-off and pick-up servics for the convenience of our customers.

Every vehicle receives a complementary car wash as part of its service.

Customers can work or relax while they wait for their vehicle with tea, coffee and beverages and cafe style snacks in our refurbished and modern waiting room. We have the latest newspapers and magazines, TV and free WiFi.

Hire Cars
For convenience to our customers we have hire cars available to you while your vehicle is being serviced. Hire cars are charged at $49 per day with an excess of $1,000.00 in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. Hire cars are only available to customers over the age of 25 years and who hold a current Australian Drivers licence. Bookings are essential.

How to Book your Mercedes Benz Service
Simply give us a call or complete the booking form on the right and our friendly service team will call you to arrange a time to service your vehicle.

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